Alumni representative Ana Maria Caquias

Ana Maria Caquias, Alumni Representative on the Board of Trustees.

Middlesex College appointed Ana Maria Caquias as the college’s Alumni Representative on the Board of Trustees during the summer.

During her enrollment at Middlesex College, she was a College Assembly Academic Standards Task Force member for the 2020-2021 term. She graduated with an associate degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Political Science, the Director of Marketing Communications, Thomas Peterson, said.

Caquias said this fall she will pursue her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies at Thomas Edison State University with a focus on public interest law and the future goal to attend law school.

She works as a pro bono coordinator for the Newark-based law firm McCarter & English, LLP, helping recruit and support the firm’s attorneys who participate in the pro bono program; while serving as a language interpreter and translator for the firm and its clients, Caquias said.

“I am honored to have been appointed as the Middlesex College Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees, and hope to provide a voice that speaks to the needs, challenges and aspirations of the changing landscape that makeup Middlesex College students,” said Caquias.

Sean Beard, college alumnus of 2016 and resident of Franklin township, said, “I saw the news on social media and I hope she proudly advocates for the college students and alumni.”

Jada Davis, a recent alumna of the college from Colonia, said she hopes to see the future alumni representative continue to spread initiatives to help address equality and diversity on campus.

Caquias said, “The changing landscape not only includes recent high school graduates, but also older individuals returning to college to add to their education or looking to change careers.”

Vikas Matta, an alumnus of 2019 from Piscataway, said students in leadership should certainly be aware of the demographics at the community college.

Matta said, “After reading her comments, I’ve high regards for her and hope the best for her. Her accomplishments as the representative will improve the college community and hopefully future students.”

Caquias has advocated for marginalized and vulnerable individuals within her community and has volunteered with various religious and non-profit organizations that address the systemic harms suffered by low-income individuals and families, Peterson said.

Advice for current students enrolled at Middlesex College, Caquias said, “Enjoy your time at Middlesex. I know that balancing life and studies can be very difficult at times and you will come up against some challenges, but take a moment to enjoy your time at Middlesex.”

Caquias said she had the privilege of interacting with great professionals, professors and staff who were always helpful and understood her concerns. They showed that they too had a vested interest in her success at Middlesex and left her with very fond memories.

Caquias describes her election to the Middlesex College Board of Trustees as an honor and hopes to provide an important voice that speaks to the Middlesex College students’ needs, challenges and aspirations.

“When it comes to leadership and advocacy, I’m often reminded of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s words: ‘Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you,’” Caquias said.

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