Jasmine Bundy

Alumni, Jasmine Bundy

Jasmine Bundy, a 2007 alumni, received an associate degree for Social and Rehabilitation Services. 

“This major was the closest to a pre-social work program and being a part of the Democracy House program was the biggest impact Middlesex had on me,” Bundy said.

In October 2005, Bundy joined Democracy House, a campus organization dedicated to serving the local community.   As a member, she helped single mothers learn creative writing at Mama’s Crossing, located next door to the Transitional Housing Unit for Women. 

Bundy said, “It was very impactful in terms of making those connections. I think sometimes we think [because it’s] community college, we’re not going to make connections because it’s everyone you went to high school with, but it definitely made my experience.”

She was able to give speeches at different conferences during the  Democracy House’s after-school program, as well as give back at Elijah’s Promise.

“It’s so much more than just an associate degree. That gave me the most in terms of soft skills, in terms of being able to go interview for a position,” Bundy said. “What I did with Democracy House definitely helped with that because we got to learn how to speak publicly, how to run meetings, how to work with directors at different organizations and be their support.” 

Bundy applied to nonprofit organizations for different positions that involved working with the youth while attending Middlesex College. Her work with the community earned her part-time positions based on her experience.

“If you're a traditional age student and you’re coming right out of high school, you think ‘I can’t do that because I just started or I’m too young,’” said Bundy. “I remember being 19-years-old and being a presenter at a conference to other students that were older than me and to their actual site supervisors. So, it forced me to take on leadership responsibilities very early on.” 

“That really made it easier for me to embrace leadership with confidence as I got older, to start applying for positions in my own career. I am truly grateful for the leadership role that I was put into,” Bundy said.

After Middlesex College, Bundy transferred to Kean University to get to know the professors because of their small classes. She didn’t want to be one of many, she wanted to get to know faculty members.

While at Kean University, Bundy continued to be involved in the campus and made many connections with the faculty.

“I found it easier from my experience at Middlesex [College] to connect with the faculty because I was not intimidated.” said Bundy.

After graduating from Kean in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, Bundy received her master’s degree in nonprofit management in higher education with a master’s in sociology.

Following her passion for teaching and helping people, Bundy emailed the person in charge for a teaching position. She interviewed and did a demonstration of teaching.

Bundy said, “Since I was used to doing public speaking, it was fun. This is my third year teaching at Kean [University].”

“[The] biggest thing I would say is to put in the work and make connections. Your experience at Middlesex College is really what you make it. The more you can get involved, the better an opportunity [you’ll] have if you decide to go on in the workforce or transfer to another college,” said Bundy.

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