Alumna Kathleen Morgan wants to encourage every woman, no matter their age, to put effort into their degree because it will help them in life.

Morgan majored in dietetic technology while raising two small children and graduated in 1985.

“I cherished my education at Middlesex College in the dietetic program, as it was the foundation of a lifetime to further education and a career that continued to give me tremendous opportunities,” Morgan said.

“I will always be grateful to Middlesex College. They were very understanding of adult students, especially those with families,” Morgan said.

Dr. Winifred Collins was the director of the dietetic program and strongly urged and encouraged Morgan to continue her education at Rutgers University.

“Being an adult student, she believed in me and told me that I could do it. I will forever be grateful for her encouragement to further my education,” Morgan said.

After graduating from Middlesex College, Morgan transferred to Rutgers University to the department of home economics.

“I was fortunate that they had a program for women who were returning to college that was very beneficial to me,” Morgan said.

Once Morgan graduated from Rutgers University, she got a doctoral degree because she had the support she needed and learned that even though she was an adult student with children at home, she could get an education and a career.

“I worked in my career at Rutgers University for 28 years and retired June 1, 2020. I am grateful to have many fond memories,” Morgan said.

Morgan let nothing stop her from getting the degree she wanted and a successful job. She thinks anyone can do it and wishes them the best of luck in their endeavors.

“I strongly encourage women to work for that degree. Even though there might be challenges along the way, it can change their life for the best,” Morgan said.

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