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Julia Block, a graduate of Middlesex College, has built a stellar resume of Internships that will help her flourish in a career in journalism. 

While in MC’s journalism program, she interned at TAPinto, a New Jersey-based local news and an online platform for her internships to get a foot in the journalism door.

Block interned at TAPinto New Brunswick as a local news writer and reporter from January to August 2020 while being a part of Middlesex College co-op for TAP.

Block graduated in the spring of 2020 with an associate degree in Liberal Arts - Journalism. 

“Being involved in Quo Vadis and numerous internships helped me prepare and tap into what the program at Rutgers would be like and prepared me for what lies ahead after graduation at Rutgers,” Block said.

“In the moment I couldn’t thank Professor Edwards because as a student or member of the Quo Vadis staff. She’s very tough but is huge on learning through doing, and [that] makes you want to take on more than you want to initially by pushing you and bringing out the better of you by teaching new skills and letting you take control. This let me know I could take on all these internships and build my resume in order to have what it takes after graduation,” Block said.

Knowing internships would help her understand what a journalism job would be like, Block continued being an intern while studying at Rutgers. 

She returned to QV as an intern in the fall 2020 semester as the head copy editor. 

Earlier this year, TAPinto at Raritan Bay offered Block an internship/freelance job position.

“This was exciting because it was my first paid gig, with me getting $40 per freelanced piece. That offer continues now if I choose to write with them whenever I can,” Block said.

May through August 2021, VUE New Jersey magazine and media group took Block on as an intern, which had her write digital features and posts, helping with social media a bit, and Block got to test the waters in marketing outreach as well. 

Block writes for each of these when she can find time while a college senior at Rutgers University.

Block said, “I never told myself I was the college kid ready for the real world, I want to stress internships because they are the best way to learn and be prepared. You get more when you are hands-on but definitely focus in class because you can take away so much from your professors with their life lessons and previous jobs in the field.”

“I am so grateful to be where I am now and couldn’t have gotten it without Professor Edward's big bank [of journalism knowledge] and with the drive she had. Professor Edwards helped me not throw in the towel by teaching me how to juggle everything,” said Block.

During her time at Middlesex, Block was a member of the Quo Vadis Newspaper Team as a staff writer, copy editor and section editor who wrote numerous profile stories.

At College, Block maintained a 4.0 GPA and joined the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society, earning a PTK Honor Society scholarship to continue her journalism studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick for the School of Arts and Sciences.

The PTK Honor Society scholarship is only for Rutgers University, securing Block’s decision on a four-year college. 

 After graduating, Block enrolled at Rutgers with the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society scholarship, and she earned the Frank M. Chambers award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

With these two awards, Block received more financial freedom to be able to not only major in journalism and media studies but also minor in digital communication, information, and media (DCIM) to broaden her studies and learn more.

Block plans to start applying for jobs and other opportunities in preparation for her May 2022 graduation date from Rutgers University.


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