Alumni Rodriguez

Franchesca Rodriguez, a recent Middlesex College alum, leads by example to show that students can become well-rounded with their education and career by being involved in their community.

Rodriguez wanted to be more than just a student here for the transfer credits; she knew Middlesex College could offer her amazing opportunities to further her in life by being a part of the college community.

As a student, Rodriguez decided to be involved on the campus by joining the National Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa Upsilon Gamma Chapter (PTK).

As the public relations secretary of PTK, Rodriguez would work with the organization's officers to plan and think of events for students and faculty; then she would manage posting information about the upcoming events.

The National Honor Society would also come up with donations for the members and students to participate in, Rodriguez would help and donate when she could.

Understanding that campus life and socialization help bring students together to further their education, Rodriguez also joined the Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF) as a student member.

As a student member for EOF, Rodriguez discussed academic and career objectives with other student members to help plan and grow her academic future.

“I am so grateful to have been in the programs I was in. They really emphasized on helping students all things school and transferring related. They helped me grow not only as a student but as a person,” Rodriguez said.

Not only did Rodriguez realize the importance of learning from and helping current students, but she also attended numerous panels and spoke to alumni to help her find the right fit and knowledge.

“I’m currently learning a new language for my own interest and that will also help me expand my studies later and I plan to keep taking classes that interest me and my curiosity to then join programs and jobs that help students,” Rodriguez said.

Taking what she learned from Middlesex College, Rodriguez is currently attending Rutgers University continuing as a communications major and pursuing a global studies minor to broaden her learning experience.

“I really like the program at Rutgers and all the possibilities studying here could offer me. My life after community college has brought on new challenges and lessons for me that will guide me through the industry and opportunities,” said Rodriguez.

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