Adviser Encourages Attending Academic Info Sessions

West Hall on the Edison campus

MC New Brunswick Center's academic adviser, Adam Conner gave insight on the importance of attending the academic advising virtual information sessions throughout the spring semester as they will give students advice on the next steps to take in college, which include registering for fall 2021 and knowing MC degree requirements. 

​Conner said, “The main objective for these information sessions is to provide students with important information about what the college offers, and how to better plan their academic programs during their time at Middlesex College. As an advisor, I often work with students who don't know a lot about the College and what is available to them. By reaching out to students early and often, we can set students up for success.”


Conner said, “I started hosting virtual advising information sessions last summer about important MC resources for newly registered students, and each session was well attended.”

He said the information sessions have been extremely helpful. 

“Not only do students gain information about the college, but we also follow-up with students and provide important links as well as email addresses to key people in the College,” Conner said.

​He said, “At the end of each information session, we ask students to fill out a survey providing us with feedback about the presentation as well as any comments on what students may want to learn more about. Fortunately, the responses have been positive, and students who do attend are thankful they did.”

​Conner said that he hosts all of the New Brunswick Center’s academic advising information sessions and he gets guest speakers to join the sessions such as: Lafayette Smith, a MC counselor; Amanda Lyons, MC basic needs coordinator; Alex Delgado, director of the EOF department and Paola Mendez, student development specialist. 

Alex Delgado said, “As a first-generation college graduate, I would not be in the position I am today if it was not for the resources offered to me in college that helped me adjust, adapt and succeed in college. The resource sessions provided by the New Brunswick Center are critical to supporting similar students like me who can benefit from the amazing services available at Middlesex College.”

Lafayette Smith said, “These sessions that we offer and present to students are beneficial to learning. In my opinion, education is a life-long learning process. One can learn something new each and every day. Try to keep your ears, eyes and heart open to being students of life and learning.”

“In collaboration with the Perth Amboy Center, we held an information session in December with the business and computer science department about important information pertaining to careers in business and computer science. Students had the opportunity to ask any questions to the department chair Aslihan Cakmak and associate chair Mirian Curry as well as professors who have experience working in both fields. Currently, we don't have professors attend the advising information sessions, but we will have a few sessions coming up with key people in important resources,” said Conner.

He said, “Students interested in registering for any of the upcoming information sessions should email and include their full name, student ID (number) and preferred email address.” 

A Piscataway High School graduate, Jaryn Perez, said he will be applying to MC this upcoming fall semester and hearing about the information sessions puts his mind at ease.

Perez said, “All my teachers always say that college is nothing like high school and to be honest, it freaks me out a bit. To hear that there are sessions that Middlesex College provides to help you be successful, even starting with registration, is definitely a relief and I am looking forward to it.” 

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