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New Programs Announced at Foundation’s Annual Meeting

By Sergio Rivera
Managing Editor

Joann LaPerla-Morales, the president of Middlesex County College, announced that the state has approved three new credit course curriculums and one non-credit course curriculum, as well as a new software that is integrated in the school’s website called Career Coach, at the Middlesex County College Foundation Board of Trustees meeting held in the Crabiel Hall Brunswick rooms on Feb. 15.

LaPerla-Morales announced that the three new credit course curriculums will include  homeland security, culinary arts, and hospitality management programs; the new non-credit course curriculum will be a drone repair program.

“It’s really important that we have the homeland security program because it feeds right into the New Jersey City University bachelor’s degree in national security, and for the past couple years we’ve been hosting that bachelor’s degree program here on campus, so our students can get their associate’s degree here and stay for their bachelor’s degree.” said LaPerla-Morales.

LaPerla-Morales said, “Another thing that we have acquired in the last year here at the college is called Career Coach that is on our website.”

“What Career Coach does is it helps our students explore careers, learn how to build resumes, but the thing that’s interesting about the way we have set it up here is that students can go on the website and go back onto the programs at the college, so it links the careers with our programs,” said LaPerla-Morales.

For more information about the new homeland security, culinary arts, hospitality management, and drone repair programs offered, in addition to the new Career Coach feature visit the College’s website.

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