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New “Call of Duty” Game is Desirable to Some

By Felipe Marroquin
Staff Writer

The newest installment of the “Call of Duty” (“CoD”) franchise, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” released on Friday, Oct. 12. With its release came praise and criticism. As an avid “CoD” fan, I played on day one. The multiplayer game has a total of 12 maps and 10 specialists – specific playable characters, with unique weapons and abilities.

This version of “CoD” has changed some of the multiplayer move sets, and has implemented new mechanics. One of the first big changes is the increase in health from 100 to 150 hit points. This change has made the time to kill longer, which has made it more difficult to get double kills. The new healing system, consisting of having to manually re-heal your character, has also changed the way the game works. Now, the player must decide between healing and reloading their gun. Older “CoD” games did not have this extra element. The new healing system adds an extra learning curve to the game. This, along with the specialist characters, over-complicates the game for new players.

Another change made to multiplayer mode is the standing, to crouching, to prone sequence. In every other “CoD,” the player could either move by standing, crouching or “proning” (crawling while lying down).  Most players would “drop shot” (quickly moving from standing to proning) to get an advantage over the enemy. In this game, that’s impossible, since this quick movement will make the player’s character lose their aimed-down scope. This has caused more players to “jump shoot” (jumping while shooting). Both of these strategies would help players dodge bullets to the head, but with the game’s new mechanics, it seems more players will be jump shooting, as it is less risky.  

This new “CoD” multiplayer mode has also changed the amount of grenades players get. In the older games, the player would start off with a grenade. In this new installment, the player must rank up to the final levels to obtain grenades. The grenades have always been used to kill multiple enemies, or enemies that are over houses or other objects. Now, the grenades are no longer involved in the game, yet the game still feels chaotic. Little car robots, dogs and bombs are now being used as part of the specialist weapons, adding to this chaos.

The new multiplayer game feels too chaotic for a “CoD” game, and the new learning curve only makes things more complicated. All in all, the multiplayer mode is not worth the $60 alone. The only redeeming quality this new “CoD” offers is its alternative game modes, such as battle royal and zombies.

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