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My Dog Changed My Life

Luke Lombardi

Ever since I can remember, I have owned a dog. Owning a dog has taught me important life lessons that I would never have learned otherwise. They have taught me compassion, loyalty and to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. 

The biggest lesson dogs have taught me is loyalty. For their whole lives, dogs are loyal to their owners and give unconditional love. My first dog was a golden labrador so he was extra loyal and never left my family’s side. My second dog is a mutt who is also super loyal but sometimes needs alone time to escape the chaos in my household. Dogs show children how being loyal leads to happiness and fulfillment when it is with the right person or family.

The second lesson dogs have taught me is how to treat others. If a dog is taught and treated with violence, that is how they will interact with others. If they are trained to be a guard dog and protect the family, they will show unlimited love to the family while making sure any person they don’t know are aware of the boundaries being set. 

Another valuable lesson dogs teach is compassion. Dogs are very good at detecting emotions; my first dog knew both my mom and aunt were pregnant before they did. This is just one example of dogs being able to detect situations and knowing how to make them better. Whenever I am sad, my dog will follow me around and cuddle with me; when I am happy, he runs around and wants to play. By having a young kid watch how a dog interacts with people, they will learn quickly how to interact with others. 

Life lessons aren’t the only reason dogs have changed my life. For example, they have given me a friend through many tough times. Pretty much all of middle school and high school, I was lonely and going through a lot of issues; having my dogs gave me something that would love me no matter what and never judge me for my mistakes. With my brother playing travel baseball his whole life, most weekends it was just my dog and me cuddling, which made me feel better about myself.

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