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Kureiji Ollie is a virtual YouTuber, who became a member of the idol talent group Hololive in December 2020 and has done a lot since then.

Hololive is a group of virtual YouTubers who creatively impersonate an illustrated avatar as a new form of entertainment. Ollie’s real identity is unknown as well as other Hololive members.

The person portraying Ollie is usually full of energy and tries to be energetic, even if the situation she’s in doesn’t require it.

Ollie likes to support her fellow Hololive members and virtual YouTubers by donating money and watching their videos.

She has also done collaborations with Hololive members that have first and last names starting with the letter “M” to try and “marry” them, mostly to show that she loves and supports them.

The people that Ollie has “married” aren’t happy when she tricks them into marrying her, but they know it’s all for fun and for their fans and the rest of Hololive, so they don’t hold a grudge.

Ollie is able to speak three languages: English, Japanese and Bahal Indonesian.

She translates whatever she is saying to all three languages so her fans can understand what she is saying because the person watching her might only know how to speak one language out of the three.

Ollie also did a stream a while back that helped people out with different issues by giving them advice. It was really sweet of her, because the person behind Ollie didn’t have to do that, but she did because she cares about her fans.

Out of the generation that Ollie is a part of, Hololive Indonesia Generation Two, she is the most hyperactive and childlike member. She is a bundle of energy you could never have if you’re introverted or shy, since the person behind her wanted the character to be a zombie idol girl.

She supports indie virtual YouTubers outside of Hololive on top of watching real people watch virtual YouTubers.

I relate to Ollie’s character a lot because people see me as outgoing, childish, caring and supportive of others, whenever I’m around them.

Ollie once fell asleep on stream due to overworking herself. I felt so bad for her because I know she means well, and doesn’t care about how much she can handle as long as she keeps supporting her fellow members and providing fans content.

Ollie is everywhere on YouTube, and she reached 400,000 subscribers recently too, which is amazing to me.

Her siblings love messing with her live on stream because they love her and what she does. They also like donating to Ollie’s fellow Hololive members by joining memberships and sending superchats to them with money. Ollie doesn’t like when they do though because she would rather they spend money on games, food or drinks.

I support the person who is portraying Kureiji Ollie, and if you haven’t watched her yet, you should, because she amazes me every single time. She is worth watching, especially if you need some cheering up in a crazy way, since “kureiji” means crazy in Japanese.

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