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Moving Your Way To The Top

Jasmine Montes

Four years ago, when I started working at the AMC dine-in theatre inside the Menlo Park mall,  I never thought I would end up working in a movie theatre. 

My first experience working in a dine-in theatre on January 1, 2016 was hectic. I didn’t know what to expect on my first day. I was on training on my first day while cleaning theatres, cleaning bathrooms and organizing the closets. Multitasking three things at the same time was a bit overwhelming, but after that I started to have the hang of it. 

The managers and supervisors were surprised how I managed to multitask so many things at the same time. and they gave me multiple compliments upon my work ethics. A few of them suggested that I should move up in a manager/supervisor position. At the time I said “It’s a huge step. I just started working this year, but I feel like I need more time to know everything else in a workplace”. 

Ever since working there, my co-workers suggested the same thing and I gave the same answer . 

I ended up using a server flow. A server flow is a spreadsheet and it has a list of the opening and closing servers and sections of rows each server has for their first and last movies. I’ve experienced what it is like using that server spreadsheet. While using it, I always checked and made sure which server had the row in order for me to call the servers back to pick up their plates. When using the spreadsheet, I felt like a manager because all managers use that server spreadsheets to keep track on their servers to pre-buss their plates and making sure the servers did their side work at the end of their shift. 

Another thing I’ve also experienced using that spreadsheet was making final adjustments to see if there’s any changes upon server’s call-outs or picking up a couple of movies. Usually, managers do the final adjustments before printing them and passing them out to every server and managers in the building. 

What I have also learned from the management team was when it comes to adding new steals in the server spreadsheet and a busser flows sheet is that they also figure out which movie should be removed. Once they remove that movie, they then add two or three steals in both sheets. 

Managers also deal with opening and closing paperwork such as a bar paperwork and P.L.I paperwork. One example of  how a P.L.I works during closing is that managers usually count how many bottles have been used during the weekdays and on weekends.  Payroll and tips share paperwork and the managers handle that process by . Managers end up finishing up around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. depending on how the closing shift goes down. 

However, one of my ultimate wishes is to become a manager at AMC Dine-In Theatre Menlo Park 12 and to experience what it is like to go through that process every manager must go through and what is like to run a business. As an employee at Menlo Park 12, I’m going far and beyond and taking every step of the way for me to move up in a higher position. My goal is to hopefully become a manager or a supervisor by January 2019 or around the summer of 2019. 

In January 2019, one of my managers posted a message to all employees about a higher leadership position available on the website. As soon as I saw that message, I told one of my co-workers and a close friend of mine about it. They both encouraged me to go for it. I decided to give it a shot, so I signed up and hoped for the best.

 I got a call from my job on January 14, 2019, but I didn’t pick up so they left a voicemail from my manager saying “Hi Jasmine, it’s one of your managers calling from AMC Theatres from Menlo Park. I reviewed your application for the crew lead position with us and I just wanted to schedule an interview with you. Please give a call back at this theatre tonight or whenever you get this message and talk with any manager to schedule the interview. Thank you.” 

Listening to that voicemail gave me a high hope that this would be my shot. I showed that voicemail to a close friend of mine and he said “Jas, babe I am very proud of you”. That same night when  I received the voicemail, I gave them a call back and they picked up and I asked for the manager that called me earlier. They told me that the manager I was looking for had left for the night. 

That same week on a Friday night when I arrived at work, I was fully ready to start my night shift. I saw the manager that gave me a call and I got the chance to speak to him. 

I asked “Is there still a chance to schedule an interview for the higher position”? He said “About that, unfortunately the interviews are fully closed, but don’t lose hope. There’s always a next time, but if leadership members find out about an opening spot they will keep you posted. Don’t give up. Keep applying”. 

When he said that, I wanted to give up but I came to a realization that I shouldn’t give up and keep on trying, so I was hoping around summer 2019 they’ll probably might have an opening spot.

On August 10, 2019,  the senior manager posted a message saying “We are excited to announce we have a supervisor position available on our website. All interested associates should apply.” so I was debating myself over whetherI should give it another try.

I thought about it and I messaged my co-worker saying “So the senior manager posted about the higher position. If I were you, you should take my spot and take over for the team. We can’t let any other associate who doesn’t have experience in our department take over. We can’t let that happen.” and she said “No, you should apply. It’s scary. I am not ready for that and you have been working for three years and you deserve this shot. You always wanted this shot.” 

I thought about it for a long time and I decided to back out because I was afraid of the rejection I might be getting. I thought my co-worker had applied, but she didn’t. 

A few days later, I found out someone else from the kitchen applied. As I met the new person that took over and I observed him, I wasn’t liking how he was running things in our department since he didn’t have the experience, so I had to explain it to him and trained him how we do and run things. 

Ever since he took over, I started to regret not applying.  Since the senior manager mentioned that higher position, something was telling me that was my shot and my opportunity to lead my team. 

There are still answerable  questions in my mind. Should I keep doing more than I need to or should I leave the job behind and look for bigger or better things.I still do a lot in the building and everything I do in a workplace never goes unnoticed. 

Everyone at work tells me, “I see you are a great fit to be a manager or supervisor. Then again, you deserve so much better.” I still have hope that someday I will find my way to the top because a 26 year old employee from Menlo Park 12 always keeps on trying.


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