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Mohamed and Hussain Win Special Elections

By Harsh Godhani, Managing Editor

The Student Life Office announced the winners of Student Government Association elections for spring 2019 on Feb. 14, Abdullah Mohamed and Mash-hud Hussain. Due to early dismissal from snow on Feb. 12, the election was continued on Feb 14 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Hussain, a sophomore business major, was easily able to secure his position as he ran unopposed for Vice President. Mohamed, a freshman biology transfer major, secured a landslide victory against his opponents with over 61 percent of votes. Hussain and Mohamed said the snow-day was inconvenient during the voting process and disrupting their schedules.

Mohamed said, “I had the opportunity to speak to a lot of students that had a lot of concerns…and I think it was an honor just to sit down and listen to people for 5 to 10 minutes just to let them voice their opinions. “Some just brushed it off because they weren’t interested… but some of the students were invested in advocating for themselves and their peers,” said Mohamed.

Mohamed said some of the complaints he heard related to vending machines and the Cafeteria being too expensive. Some students asked for the library to be open 24 hours during the week.

Mohamed said he looks forward to advocating for student’s needs.

“I can argue for students wanting to have more hours at the gym, longer library hours is something I can push for with Dr. McCormick, but we have to understand that some things are out of our hands, logistically. I think Dr. McCormick won’t disagree with our needs, but he’s going to have to work around [the financial constraints] as well.” said Mohamed.

Both said they felt short relief in knowing they had won, but know they will have busy schedules to push their agenda for the semester. Mohamed said, “Both of us have some minor and larger plans that we wish to have… I would like more events that are career oriented, if it’s possible, so that students understand what they’re getting themselves into… Whether it’s by having events such as career fair, or smaller events with speakers or seminars.”

Hussain said, “I would like to increase sanitation on campus relating to student’s personal hygiene and personal health… Starting with hand sanitizers provided in more locations [on campus].”

Mohamed said one of his administration goals is to focus on campus security.

“I see only a couple officers walking around campus once a week… Why do we not have officers walking around routinely, we see them in the cars… but why don’t they just walk around campus? Just take a look inside the facilities. How often do you see a police officer within the building?” Mohamed said.

Mohamed said, “I also want more emergency phones in the parking lot. I’ve only seen two or three of them.”

Moving forward, Mohamed and Hussain plan to organize with clubs who are in need of funds for their events and trips.

Jonathan Montano, SGA treasurer, has organized meetings with Hussain and Mohamed to bring them up to speed on SGA budgetary process.

Montano said if clubs want their events approved, they should submit a fully detailed event forum as soon as possible. Mohamed said SGA will do its best to organize as many events as possi- ble without going over their budget; events on campus will be more prioritized than others.

Students can reach SGA through Student Life or room 315 in College Center.

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