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Middlesex County College Informs Students about Classes Being Canceled


By Luke Lombardi, Staff Writer


Middlesex County College informed students about classes being canceled and moved online due to the pandemic known as coronavirus (COVID-19) through MCC alerts on Mar. 12, due to concerns about the virus spreading to students and staff.

According to the statement, classes are canceled until Mar. 17. After that, the classes will go online until Mar. 27. At that time, the college will reassess.

All campus activities previously scheduled are canceled due to the virus concerns, according to the statement.

Thomas Peterson, director of marketing, said MCC decided to move online.

He said, “It was done to limit the exposure of our College community. While there are no cases at this time at MCC, there have been reports of a case in East Brunswick and one in Edison. Authorities are advising that people avoid contact with others, and going to an online platform seems most prudent. It will be difficult, but I am confident the MCC community will rise to the occasion.”

Both MCC President Mark McCormick and Manager of Health and Safety Judith DiMaio said to refer to the MCC statement and to email DiMaio with further questions at

Some students agree with the decision as well.

Student Tara Daldos said, “I’m concerned because someone at school can spread it, and so many schools are already closed because of the virus…  I think that people can obtain it easier if we are all on-campus unknowingly carrying the virus.”

Some students were not as concerned.

Student David DeAngelis said, “Personally, the coronavirus doesn’t bother me. I’m not as concerned as others so I would say no, going to school doesn’t concern me at all.”



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