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Meet the Coach: Zizo Sherif

By Matthew Thornton
Staff Writer

Zizo Sherif has been head coach of the men’s soccer team since 2010.

Sherif said, “My love for the game dates back to when I was a young as five.” He played soccer all of his life.

According to Sherif’s official resume, he was selected to play for Alahi Club in 1991, which happened to be the biggest and most popular soccer club in all of Cairo, Egypt. For the next few years, Sherif worked hard on his skillset. In 1993, he was the highest goal-scorer on his team.

Sherif said, “I knew I had to put the work in. I had the capability to be an excellent player, but I had to constantly work hard on my craft over the course of my years playing.”

In 1994, he received an offer to play for a second division club in France; he was then selected to participate in the FIFA World Cup for the Egyptian Football Association; and then he moved up to a division one Egyptian club.

He also spent time as an elite scouter after his days of playing professionally and sought out the best talent in the country.

He said, “I have been coaching for about 20 years now. My favorite aspect of coaching is working with different players and putting them in the best position to get the most out of my players.”

He said, “I feel I have an advantage because I played professionally. A lot of coaches try to use my techniques just for the sake of doing it, but don’t know the reason behind the drills and techniques.”

He then said that he can relate to the players more than others due to playing on multiple teams.

He has no tolerance for foolishness on his team. He said it’s his way or you’re out. He went on to say that he cut some of the best players because they were selfish, immature and put their personal accolades before the team.

He said that he cut all of his goalies and star player because they did not buy into his system. A defensive player was goalie for that game.

Over the course of his years coaching at MCC, Sherif has led his teams to three championships tournaments that were held in Pennsylvania between 2011 and 2013.

According to, the Middlesex Blue Colts men’s soccer team is 9-9-1 this season, after a 0-1 loss to Sussex County College on Oct. 24.

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