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Meet the Athlete: Virmerlis Mendez

By Matthew Serraty
Opinion Editor

Virmerlis Mendez plays for the women’s volleyball and softball teams and is in her second year at MCC. She attended Highland Park High School and still lives in Highland Park. She is a computer science major and eventually would like to transfer to Rutgers.

When asked what made her gravitate to the game of volleyball, Mendez said, “I remember watching women and men playing volleyball on television. That made me want to play organized volleyball, as well as the activities in gym class in high school.”

When asked about her teammates, Mendez said, “The girls are so nice. We always try to not have that much drama on the team. When we’re there, we are there to work.”

While thinking so highly about her teammates, she has the same feelings about coach Amber Rauh. “I like the way she teaches. Her sense of humor is different, and it helps that she’s been in our position before,” said Mendez

Mendez is Dominican and Puerto Rican. She was born in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. She came to New Jersey when she was 7 years old.

“The English language was a new language to me, I didn’t know it. The cultural is very different, especially if you don’t know the language,” she said, when asked about the transition of moving to the United States.

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