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Meet the Athlete: Mike Russo

By Chris Place, Staff Writer

Mike Russo is second baseman for the baseball team at The College.

Russo has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old.

Russo said because of his family’s history with the sport, he was destined to play.

“I was born into the sport. Everyone in my family has played in their lifetime, even my mother,” he said.

Russo looks to model his game after some of the best players in the MLB.

“I try to model my gameplay after José Altuve. I look up to him as a second baseman. We’re both smaller guys and it’s incredible to watch how much power he generates when he swings the bat,” said Russo.

The second baseman said he prides himself on hard work, dedication and skill.

“I pride myself on all three because I’m always trying to better myself as a baseball player and person. Whether it’s at practice or even on my own, I’m always putting in work to be the best I can. Also, to play at the college level takes so much dedication because of the fact that you’re always with the team,” said Russo.

He continued, “But, skill is God’s gift to you, and if you don’t meet him halfway with hard work and dedication, then it doesn’t matter how good you are because skill can only take you so far.”

When it comes to his future, Russo would like to pursue the pros, but his mind is set on receiving a degree first.

“My plan is to definitely play at a university. My parents have always taken care of me and it would be amazing to repay them by getting a scholarship somewhere. When it comes to the pros, of course I would love to go if I was given the opportunity, but my main goal is getting a college degree first,” he said.

According to the NJCAA website, Russo currently has 25 stolen bases on the season and has a batting average of .342 as of April 17.

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