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MCC’s On-Campus Dental Hygiene Clinic Provides Many Services

MCC’s on-campus dental hygiene clinic provides many services at an affordable price to its students and community, while giving students of the program an opportunity to practice.

As chairperson, Michelle Roman oversees the dental hygiene program, making sure that both the faculty and the students have everything they need in order to be successful.

“The students perform the procedures while overseen by dental hygiene faculty as well as dentists on staff. By their second semester of the program they start to see patients,” said Roman.

For just $5, MCC faculty, staff, and students, dental hygiene graduates, senior citizens (65 or older), and veterans with ID have access to a variety of dental care services. Children can receive the same services for the price of $10, while the cost for an adult to receive the services is $20.

According to the MCC website, sealants and mouthguards are the only services with fees added.

“Some of the procedures that we do here for $20 could run patients over $2,000 on the outside,” said Roman.

She said, “Sealants are an extra charge of $5 each due to the expense of the material.”

The prices are constant, so lack of insurance does not change the price. The best way to make an appointment is by calling 732-906-2536.

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