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MCC Track and Field Athletes Practice for Their Next Meet

Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng

Matthew Rodriguez the moment before he throws the javelin

Justin Peace practices the high jump.

William Cobb the moment before he lands in the pit

Nijoe Zoker-Mercy practices the triple jump.

Justin Jenkins jumps over a hurdle.

Mahima Membally jogs on the track.

Betsy Sanchez jogs around the track.

Katy Pacheco practices the pole vault.

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Fernandez Becomes First Base Coach for Two Innings

By Samantha Cheng May 8, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Cheng Bryan Fernandez (7) became first base coach for two innings during a game against Rowan College at Gloucester County on Tuesday, April 30.

Athletes Break Records

By Samantha Cheng May 8, 2019

Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng According to MCC_Colts on Twitter, Mike Russo (8) surpasses Joseph Cornacchia, who set the record in 1999, for the most stolen bases in a single season at The College. According to, Russo has 31 stolen bases as of May 4. This season, William Cobb sets The College’s triple jump record with 45 feet 9.25 inches.