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MCC Stands for Diversity

By Aishna Oberoi, Staff Writer

Middlesex County College is an educational home for many. With a variety of courses and clubs to offer, MCC gives a chance for students to explore. What sets MCC apart from other colleges is the diverse crowd of this institution where the community is welcoming, and students are given a friendly atmosphere to grow and prosper. MCC is proof that when like-minded people work together, anything can be possible, and that no amount of cultural differences can result otherwise. 

Being a student, I feel motivated to be educated and to educate others. I can be someone new without leaving who I am. Seeing numerous clubs, which give every student a chance to push their community forward and let others be involved is enlightening. It makes me wonder if everyone was like this, then we could live in a world of inclusion and tolerance. 

Community-oriented clubs like the Indian Student Association, Muslim Student Association, African Diaspora Alliance, Catholic Campus Ministry and more provide a feeling of acceptance and individuality amongst students of different backgrounds. These clubs unite club members for a greater purpose of knowledge. Students are given a chance to learn about different communities and, eventually, be a part of them. 

MCC is a family of esteemed faculty and intelligent students who come from various religions, cultures and interests. However, the MCC family works together to build an ethical and beneficial environment for the growth of knowledge and opportunities. MCC has shown me acceptance for one’s background. 

An accepting institution leads to creative minds who will run our future. How you behave in college is a glimpse of how you will behave in the future. In your future, you could be highly respected in your field with the help of mentors from MCC. The acceptance and support for students to express themselves is a meaningful step towards a peaceful and positive future. 

I believe that the ambitious and creatively-challenging atmosphere of MCC can help students unlock their hidden potential. Students are not only learning with textbooks, but are also taught an important aspect of life, which is emotional intelligence and empathy. Any college can provide education, but only a few can impart moral knowledge. 

To me, MCC is one of those colleges. Being a student of MCC has given me a sense of acceptance and love, which I hope is felt by everyone of the MCC community.

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