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MCC Hosts Casino Night Fundrasier

By Humberto Marmolejo
Staff Writer

Middlesex County College hosted their Seventh Annual Casino Night in West Hall on the Edison campus, which was organized by the MCC Foundation in an effort to raise money to provide scholarships to students, on Friday, Feb. 23 from 6:30 to 9:45 p.m.

Guests had access to a buffet, dessert and a selection of beverages and music was also provided.

Games featured this year included roulette, blackjack, craps and poker. For every $150 in chips, players would receive one ticket board.
Tickets could then be used to participate in raffles for a selection of prizes (as chips could not be exchanged for cash).

Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Veronica Clinton, said, “This is one of our main fundraising events; it is exciting for two reasons.”

“One, we get to see a lot of people we know and our supporters, while we get [to] see them having fun, but in the end of the day we get to raise money to have the ability to aid students with scholarships and help the school, and this makes the event such a fulfilling to host,” said Clinton.

Director of Financing, Mark Banyacski, said, “Quite honestly, I’ve been with the casino committee for seven years.”

“We started with a very small group and a small group of attendees, and now we have grown to the point in which we have sold out each and every year,” said Banyacski.

“I’m thrilled it brings people together from the college and from the community,” said Banyacksi, “We raise funds for scholarships and for the foundation. It’s a definite win for everyone involved and I’m very pleased and proud to be part of the casino committee.”

Casino Night met the goal of exceeding proceeds from past events.

Casino Night 2018 - 2.23.18

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