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Math Professor is a Member of Multiple Outside Organizations

By Madison Bara, Section Editor

Jennifer Applebee, a statistics professor at MCC, participates in multiple organizations outside of her work on campus. 

Applebee said she is a recording secretary for the Education Enrichment Foundation of Scotch Plains-Fanwood Regional School District. 

“[The foundation] fundraises to provide grants for teachers who want to try something new in their classrooms,” said Applebee. 

She said the foundation works with the school district but fundraises separately to give teachers the opportunity to try something new, and  after they try it the school district will decide whether they want to continue to fund the teachers. 

“Once the school district sees that the addition to the class is sustainable for them [and] is worth keeping, they will [implement] it into their budget,” said Applebee. 

She said last year the foundation raised money for an environmental science teacher in the local high school, who always applies for grants. 

“He applied for bird watching equipment that the school district wasn’t going to pay for so we raised the funds for him,” said Applebee. 

She said she has been a member of the foundation for about a year and a half. 

“While it doesn’t seem like a long time, it feels like one as it takes up so much of my time,” said Applebee. 

Applebee said she is also a Girl Scout troop leader because of her daughter, who is in ninth grade and is a part of the Girl Scouts. 

“While the girls really run a lot of the Girl Scout stuff now, they still need someone behind the scenes who handles working with the organization and [prompts] them to meet deadlines,” said Applebee. 

She said this year the girls hosted a food and donation drive for the Middlesex County College Food Pantry. 

“They ended up getting a lot of donations; I feel like it was mainly because they were standing outside in terrible weather all day, so people felt bad for them, but it benefited the MCC Food Pantry quite a bit since they raised a lot of money,” said Applebee. 


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