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Martial Arts Club Seeks Tournament Participants

By Alexander Salazar

Staff Writer


The Martial Arts Club is looking to form a team to face other colleges in a spring tournament.

Gabriel Gonzalez, who has been running the club since the ‘90s, said he hopes to have a team ready before April.

Gonzalez said the tournament is held every year, and colleges from around the states compete against one another in traditional taekwondo in a tournament style.

He said transportation is given if there are at least five members who are ready to compete.

Gonzalez said, “We practice traditional taekwondo in class for the upcoming tournament and hope to have a team of students ready for the spring tournament.”

The club is open to all students of all fitness levels and the club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30–6:30 p.m. in the College Center room 100, said Gonzalez.

He said no prior knowledge is needed, and everything is free for the club from the equipment to the training.

Jennifer Perez, the club’s president, said, “It’s a lot of fun exercising during the class, and I have learned a lot from the club, I hope to train hard and be ready for the upcoming tournament.”

For more information, contact the Martial Arts Club at

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