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Makeup Tips and Reviews: The Weirdest Mask Ever

By Samantha Casano
Staff Writer

It’s no secret that I love pampering my skin and trying out new products. Recently, I put a mask that I’ve seen surfacing the Internet for a while now, the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Yes, you heard that right: a bubble clay mask, as in a mask that literally bubbles on your face. The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Mask is filled with charcoal powder, green tea and pomegranate extracts and collagen to deep clean and soothe the skin.

The mask came with a small applicator. I used this applicator to apply the mask onto my face and then rubbed it in with my fingers. Once applied, I waited for the magic to happen, and indeed, after a minute or two, the bubbles began to form.

So how does this happen? When the mask oxidizes with air, the carbonation causes it to froth and bubble up. If you think that is just a gimmick, these bubbles are actually beneficial for your skin. They exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores, while also delivering nutrients and hydrating the skin. I must admit, the bubbling caused a little bit of a tingling sensation that felt a little uncomfortable on the skin, but nothing that was painful.

Once 10 minutes had passed, I began to rub the mask in; it felt very thick and exfoliating. After washing the mask off, my skin felt super moisturized, even on the verge of being a little oily. I followed suit with my normal skincare routine, and my skin felt so clean and moisturized.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed using this mask. As opposed to some other masks I’ve tried, I noticed a difference (a good difference) in the way my skin looked and felt. So, to all my fellow makeup and skincare lovers out there, give this mask a chance and pick it up on Amazon for about $12.

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