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Makeup Tips and Reviews: The Original Naked- Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay Tutorial

By Samantha Casano
Managing Editor

Urban Decay Cosmetics took the beauty industry by storm in 2010 when they released their original Naked Palette, which was one of the first neutral eye shadow palettes to hit the market. With 12 matte and shimmer eye shadows, it became an overnight sensation.

It was basically every beauty lover’s dream come true. It is filled with warm chocolaty brown, mauve, and gold shades of eye shadow that can transform your everyday look from being super basic to smoky and sultry, all with a single eye shadow palette.

Since then, Urban Decay has expanded the Naked product line, but nothing can replace the versatility of the original eye shadow palette. Eight years later, the original Naked Palette still reigns supreme.

Today, I will tell you how to achieve an easy five-minute eye shadow look that is perfect for the holidays or a night out on the town.

Begin by priming your eyes with eye shadow primer. My personal favorite is Urban Decay Cosmetics original Eye Shadow Primer Potion, which makes your eye shadows apply smoother and keeps your color vibrant and crease-free all day long.

Next, take a fluffy brush and apply the light, matte brown shade, Naked, to your crease. This gives your eyes depth and dimension.

Deepen the crease by taking a smaller fluffy brush and applying the darker matte brown, Buck, into the outer half of your crease. This creates a contour effect.

Make the eye shadow look a little smokier by applying Darkhorse to the outer corners of your eyes, giving the illusion of a more sunken crease area.

Take a densely-packed shadow brush and apply that beautiful, shimmery gold, half-baked, all over your lid.

Highlight your brow bone with the satin cream shade, Virgin, giving you an instant eyelift.

Apply eyeliner, mascara, and lashes, as desired, and voila, your simple, five-minute eye shadow look is complete.

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