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Makeover Essentials: “The Complete” Petite Travel Kit

By Bridget Quimby
Managing Editor

“The Complete Petite” by Makeover Essentials is an all-in-one makeup kit for your beauty needs when you are on the go. Whether you are traveling, rushing or just want to freshen up this sleek travel kit has everything you need right in the palm of your hand. The compact design of this kit is so small it can fit in your pocket which makes it that much easier to take this product anywhere you go.

There are infinite looks you can achieve with this small case that everyone will be asking about. With 10 choices of eye shadow, five choices of lipstick, two different blush shades, plus eyeliner, lip liner and even mascara, this kit has it all.

Did I mention the two applicator brushes? Each of these essentials has their own drawers and compartments so you can always pack everything away on short notice. According to the Makeover Essentials website, this kit can be purchased for $55.99 which may be a little pricey depending on your budget. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret; you can buy this product from a different website for as low as seven dollars! This way you can look great without overpaying.

The kit resembles a small waterproof case like the ones you would wear around your neck while snorkeling somewhere in the Bahamas. With the same type of design in mind, the shiny, black kit opens in half revealing a mirror and two shades of blush, one pink and the other apricot. At the very top is your black eyeliner and rosy lip liner that would go with practically any shade of lipstick included in this kit, but we will get to that later. Right above the liners you have your earth-toned colors that have just a hint of shimmer. These are perfect for defining the crease of your eye. Next is the matte eye shadows with a wide variety of colors ranging from a light cream color for the day and a sultry, smoky blue when it’s time to go out. Finally, the staple to everyone’s makeup routine: lipstick! These five glossy shades will have you turning heads with the options of a light pink, vampy red, sparkly nude, rose and reddish brown. To top it all off, elongate your lashes with this perfect travel size tube of black mascara. Don’t worry, none of these drawers will slide open thanks to the heavy duty reinforcement cap that locks into place keeping your makeup kit intact while swimming in your purse.

The “Complete Petite” surely lives up to its name with all of that beauty in such a little kit.

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