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Main Hall Construction Continues

By Alexander Lewis and Sergio Rivera
Managing Editor and Ars Poetica Section Editor

The Facilities department of the College is continuing the renovation of Main Hall on the Edison campus, with the first phase ending by the end of February and the second phase ending in June.

Executive Director of Facilities Management, Don Drost, said that the first phase is the actual wing itself.

“… the second part of it is to build a new entrance vestibule, which helps with our energy,” said Drost, “You open the doors and the cold and hot air come in and out the building … so, we’re going to build a vestibule, so we have an airlock.”

Drost said, “When you’re sitting at the Starbucks and drinking your coffee in January the cold air is not blowing in on you [and] we’re also increasing the size of the lobby, it’s going to double in size.”

Over the summer, Main Hall closed its west wing in order to prepare for its latest renovation project and has since been emptied of its classrooms and labs.

After building the new chemistry labs in South Hall, MCC is repurposing the old chemistry labs in Main Hall, said Drost.

Drost said, “What will be in Main Hall is going to be physics labs, geology labs, process technology labs, a classroom and office space for the natural sciences faculty because that department was combined, it used to be a different department.”

“It was biology and chemistry and physics and now they’ve all come together,” said Drost, “So, their offices are scattered all over campus … some are in L’Hommedieu, some are in Main Hall, some were in Billy Johnson Hall … this will bring them all together to a single department.”

Drost said that the College is also planning to do the same concept in L’Hommedieu Hall, where they will repurpose the space of the old the biology labs.

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