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Two hands creating a heart.

Love is a tangible asset; it is intricate and personal. This is evident in the efforts of the individual who recognizes love. Thus, here are some love tips on how to make the relationship work or to attract that special someone: 

 Believing in oneself means you can achieve anything. For example, if you are a shy individual, you might want to find the complete opposite of yourself. For example, someone who might show outside determination to help boost your confidence.

Loyalty is essential in any relationship. No matter how far you are from your significant other, you have to show that you trust one another. Tell the truth about anything that is going on; never judge your significant other on their past or present, be there for both. If you are a loyal person, you are known to be devoted or reliable. Thus, call each other every night to show how much you trust your significant other. 

       Communication is the key to making any relationship work. Showing support towards your partner means the world to them and creates a genuine connection between both of you. Once you have that connection, passion can come into play. It is not just about talking to them, but also learning the communication or physical skills necessary to fulfill your counterpart's needs. Not having this knowledge and/or ability can lead to miscommunications. 

           Body language plays an important role in relationships, too. Body language explicates how content or uncomfortable your significant other is in that instant and helps you connect with the person receiving the information better. 

Besides those, having respect goes a long way. Impressing someone you want to be with without showing them respect does not impress people. Respect can also teach you a valuable lesson on patience, not just for your partner, but for others, as well as yourself. Overall, having respect for one another can create a love that succeeds. According to Dom and Jon, “If you do not respect that person, then you do not love that person.” 

Also, be serious when the time calls for it. If something on your mind is bothering you, tell your significant other what the trouble is. Do not be vague about anything, do not leave anything out, and do not brush things off as a joke. Express your feelings and be sure to cover all aspects of the situation, even the darker ones. Pick the right time to have a severe and down-to-earth talk, as well. 

 However, know when it is ok to tease and be playful with your partner. Crack some jokes that are appropriate to your conversation. If the individual does not get sarcasm or the joke, make sure to explain it to them to avoid misunderstandings. Tease them about a silly joke or about a story they shared with you. However, make sure there is a difference between comical teasing and aggressive teasing. You do not want a joke to cause the end of your supposedly successful relationship. Another example would be to brighten the individual's day by telling them a funny joke.

Most importantly, make a promise to each other that you will work together to build a better and stronger relationship. This agreement indicates that you will always be there to encourage them, even through tough times. 

Overall, love is not just in an individual's actions, feelings, or attitude; it is a commitment. Love comes in various ways and comes and goes as it pleases. However, if you want your relationship to work, take this advice, and remember that loving someone is a choice.

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