Seaside Heights Is Full of Excellent Attractions

A sandy beach under the horizon

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, is home to many beautiful attractions, making it one of the state’s most popular destinations in the state. Within the township, there are many arcades, rides, and eateries that will keep you busy for the entirety of your stay, but the best way to spend your time there is on the beach where there are many ways to have fun: from game booths to restaurants and clubs. Everyone in the family has something they can do while they visit. No one has to miss out on the fun in Seaside Heights because there is something for everyone. I go to Seaside Heights every summer with my family; we stay for about a week and a half. It is my favorite beach. My family and I always have fun here; we are never disappointed. 

Seaside Heights is home to over 2,900 residents, and all of them will tell you that you have to visit the beach. Back in 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit Seaside Heights hard, causing mass destruction. Casino Pier collapsed into the ocean and was then closed for several months. After that, the entire pier was transformed and is now better than ever. It offers classic rides, like bumper cars, go-karts and roller coasters, including the swinging SkyCoaster, the Shore shot drop tower and Pirate’s Plunge. Every time I'm on the Casino Pier, I feel excited to be there because I enjoy going on rides. If I had to pick my favorite ride, it would be go-karts because I enjoy racing other people, and I enjoy winning. The operators do a good job of making sure the races are done safely, making me feel very comfortable and safe. 

Relax on one of the town's public beaches for the day. Go fishing along the shore or experience some of the best swells with your surfboard. Parents can also rest easy on the beach because there are lifeguards on duty during the beach's open hours. There are many fishing opportunities along the shore and many fishing tackle stores in the area. The two latest hot spots are the New Dolphin or Betty and Nicks, located on route 35 Seaside Park. You can try your luck fishing off the end of the ocean pier. Fluke, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Kingfish and many more are regularly caught at the Casino Pier fishing access, which is only seasonal. There is a fee to enter.

During the summer, entertainment revolves around the shorefront. See free movies on the beach, or you can join a game of beach volleyball with your family. Seaside is a small town, so you will see people going for walks or riding their bikes along with the community. Tourists can take a dinner cruise along the shoreline or charter a deep-sea fishing boat from the day to experience Seaside Heights from another perspective.

Seaside Heights is also the set of the popular MTV show Jersey Shore. Seaside Heights is on a long narrow barrier island between Newark Liberty International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport are both about 70 miles from Seaside Heights. The destination is easier to get to by car or by bus but has a lot of heavy traffic during the summer.

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