The Palace of Versailles, which is west of Paris, France, is a location I’ve admired from afar. I saved this location for last during my Thanksgiving vacation to Europe.

Getting to the entrance to the palace while using rolling luggage was annoying because of all the cobblestones at the front of the gigantic building. The wheels of the luggage weren’t made for the cobblestones of the Palace of Versailles (which makes a lot of sense).

When I made it to the entrance to the Palace of Versailles, it was huge beyond belief; it felt like a mansion more than a museum. For me, it was hard to believe that the French monarchy even lived there, but they did.

There were a lot of restaurants and shops throughout the Palace of Versailles that had me speechless. It felt as though I was living like royalty when my aunt booked a breakfast session for my loved ones and me.

I looked around the entrance to the Palace of Versailles, and we went to the first floor (second floor for us Americans) where the two restaurants were.

We stored our luggage and baggage, which was heavy, inside a storage closet inside the Palace of Versailles. I assume the French didn’t want the flooring and walls to be ruined by the wheels of luggage to maintain the look of the palace.

I ate at a restaurant called the Ore-Ducasse Au Château de Versailles with my loved ones. The restaurant is very upper-class, and the name sounds like one of those that no one can afford unless they become rich YouTubers or Twitch streamers who make more than anyone else.

For breakfast, I had a cup of coffee, scrambled eggs, some French pastries, pineapple juice, a mini baguette and some sausages. They were all in small portions, and I ate everything with utensils instead of using my hands when I wasn’t supposed to.

My loved ones got some food, which also looked upper-class from our perspective but was completely normal for the rich due to the small portions of the food. I was in awe, with my heart thumping fast that day because of all the luxury surrounding me.

What I didn’t expect, which is a nice touch, was that the Palace had free Wi-Fi open to the public, which was incredibly fast too. Going through social media to take photos of presentable food that was a bit expensive but nice had me smiling all the way.

When we finished eating our luxurious breakfast, we decided to go through as many rooms and floors of the Palace of Versailles as we could because we had to catch a flight back to Rome, Italy, the same day.

Each room throughout the palace was incredibly big and filled with a lot of tourists who were also exploring every room in the building. Words can’t describe the rooms I went to within the Palace of Versailles, but let me just say they were beautiful and had me smiling often.

One of my cousins wanted to go to the Gardens of Versailles, and so did I (it’s in the back of the Palace of Versailles). Those of us who wanted to go had to walk from the first floor to the ground floor (first floor for us Americans).

When we made it to the Gardens of Versailles, it was exactly what I expected: a huge water fountain close to the door, hedge mazes, and hedge patterns that you can see near the door to the Palace of Versailles.

Seeing all of this made me feel childlike, and all of my stress and worries dwindled away because of the grandeur of everything that surrounded me.

If you want to get around the Gardens of Versailles or speed through the hedge mazes quickly, there are golf carts you can rent to help speed up the process for those that don’t want to walk, especially if they’re exhausted.

Some of my cousins, the boyfriend of one of my cousins, my brother and I walked away from our parents and grandmother to explore the Gardens of Versailles alone.

We were debating whether to rent a golf cart, but renting one to see the Gardens of Versailles costs around $40. It is especially helpful if you have elderly people who can't walk very far; however, it is also very expensive.

We opted not to get the golf cart and walked down to one of the hedge mazes and entered it while trying not to get lost along the way because the mazes were huge. They were much larger than Halloween corn mazes.

After we went through a part of the hedge maze, we reunited with the rest of our loved ones and picked up our luggage near the entrance to the Palace of Versailles. 

All in all, if you haven’t been to the Palace of Versailles or the Gardens of Versailles and if you want to go, I highly recommend it. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, and I wish I had more time to see the entirety of the Palace of Versailles and the Gardens of Versailles. I loved this experience, and it is one I won’t ever forget in my lifetime.

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