Local Art Museum Attracts Patrons With New Artwork

A painting of flowers.

The Zimmerli Art Museum is partnering with Sisterwork for a new series called “Bloom: Explore Growth and Self-Expression through Art” via Zoom on March 13 at 2 p.m. 

According to Zimmerli Art Museum’s website, the sessions are to attract patrons with artwork through movement and storytelling. 

The Zimmerli Art Museum’s education director, Carla Zurita, said, “The pandemic has triggered both old and new stressors for our community members, taking an inevitable toll on our mental health. We want to expand the ways and reasons we turn to and engage with art, and look forward to framing the art in our collections beyond its use as a learning tool. We [also] want to  encourage thinking about art’s long history of being used in alternative ways, like a creative outlet, a source for storytelling and documentation, and its grounding potential.”

According to Sisterwork’s website, the organization is dedicated to addressing intergenerational poverty in New Brunswick. 

Zimmerli Art Museum patron, Christa Cillaroto, said, “I am a big fan of Sisterwork and have been to the Zimmerli Museum many times. It's exciting to see these two organizations partner on a project - engaging community and activating visual art - I'm all in.”

Zurita said, “Developing partnerships with both university-affiliated groups and community-based organizations has been a priority for our institution. We are very excited for the coming year as we work to further expand these collaborations and broaden our engagement.” 

According to Zimmerli Art Museum's website, the “Bloom: Explore Growth and Self-Expression through Art”  webinar will help patrons practice the art of storytelling through the museum's art collection.

Zurita said, “We hope that this event encourages folks to further engage with our collection, which can be explored digitally on our website, and, whether it’s a new mindfulness practice, important information about our community partner or ways to get involved, we hope everyone leaves this series learning something new.”

Zurita said that the museum doesn’t have any additional programming planned with Sisterwork at the moment, but they are excited and hope to collaborate on more projects in the future.

 “We are very excited and committed to further exploring the ways that art can be used as a resource to manage these stressful times, and are looking forward to the collaborations and programs that are possible,” said Zurita.

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