I have always enjoyed using new technology, whether it’s a videogame system or a new laptop. I'm someone who likes to try out new technology, especially if it’s cheap. Recently, I read a study that electric toothbrushes and water floss are better for dental care. So, I decided to give this a try, and it was also a healthy excuse to splurge on myself. 

As I spent months browsing for the right water floss, I finally found one that matched my price range, and it had great reviews. So I purchased the Waterpik water floss, a popular brand that is more affordable compared to the general price range of $80-100 by other brands. 

I bought the WP series, which has five different models that look and function similarly but came with different accessories and packages. For example, the one I purchased included a travel package and the maximum number of accessories. 

I read that most of the dual packages (must buy two) come with a  travel package and accessories. But I recommend everyone do their own research as I’ve read conflicting comments on websites. I was going to buy two either way, so if one of my parents were interested, they could have it. 

Within a week’s worth of use, the product became addicting to me; I used to hate flossing and often put it off. Now, it seems so effortless and not annoying at all. That made me stay consistent with flossing and build better dental habits every day. 

The pick handle is easy to move and the tip can reach every part of your mouth with ease. As a result, you feel absolutely no discomfort and can clean your teeth and gums much better than a dental floss would. The tips are adjustable as part of the accessories, and you can find ones that are personal to you.

You have an orthodontic tip for anyone with braces, a piktip for periodontal pocket, a plaque seeker for retainers, crowns, bridges, implants, a normal jet tip and a tongue cleaner. The model I purchased has all the replaceable tips except for the tongue cleaner.

You can fill the cup up to 15 oz of water; however, that isn’t always necessary and I feel that if you’re going to run just one round, it’s best to fill up just 8 oz. 

Once you plug the device into an outlet, the tool is operational. It can’t work without being plugged in. The only two knob controls on the gear: the power switch and water pressure settings. Be very careful with the water pressure; if you’re not ready for it, you are likely to create a big splash all over your bathroom. 

The Waterpik tips come with a tag that informs you what pressure to keep it on between one, two and three. These are specifically designed as certain piks can damage your gums or teeth with enough force. 

I stick to the first pressure. My pro-tip would be to read the warnings and make sure you put the tip in your mouth before you start. My first time was a bit of a comedy as I shot water all over my bathroom mirror and sink as I turned it on before I placed it in my mouth. 

It will take several acts of rinse and repeat, but it does the job and my mouth feels fresh afterward. 

If there is a downside to this tool is that the motor can make quite a loud noise you're not used to at first. 

If you’re going to look for studies that debate water floss vs. dental floss, you will find research that supports both cases. From my perspective, I have found research that certainly indicates dental floss as the better recommendation, but I certainly will not go back. 

Additionally, normal dental floss is made from nylon and packaged in a plastic container. While just a small portion is discarded after each use, it all adds up and is quite bad for the environment.

Flossers with plastic handles are even worse for the environment since the plastic handle is discarded after each flossing session. 

I have researched many eco-friendly ways to floss, such as using floss made of silk and coated with natural beeswax or plant wax. For me, water floss is the ultimate replacement, and I am quite happy that it’s beneficial to me and the environment. 

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