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As about a month of quarantine has passed, I am starting to get tired of hearing about the coronavirus (COVID-19). I understand that we are in a pandemic and need to take it seriously, but we don’t have to talk about it every minute of the day. 

During this quarantine, I rarely listen to the news, as I know that the situation is still going to be the same. Thus, instead of focusing on the negative impacts of the pandemic, I decide to live in the moment. For example, I spend most of my time in quarantine distracting myself with homework or binge-reading books. I also don’t feel as stressed as I used to because I know I have time to complete assignments and still be able to rest afterward. 

Compared to the beginning of the semester when I was having chest pains at the thought of doing the horrific amount of homework I was assigned this semester on time, these last few weeks have been some of the most peaceful ones all semester. This peacefulness is because while I am taking the proper precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I am not letting the fear control my life. I know far too many people who are spending their days glued to the television,  or computer screen waiting for any new updates on the situation. However, this is unhealthy and will only cause added unnecessary stress and anxiety.  

I recommend focusing on yourself and your family during these times instead of what is happening across the world. While it is tragic to see the rising numbers in deaths, there is nothing we can do about it besides staying home and focusing on taking care of ourselves. Read a book, watch a movie, start a new hobby or do whatever else makes you happy during this time instead of focusing on the outside world and all the depressing things going on right now.  

The only aspects of the pandemic that I am angry about are the overbuying and the ignorance of people who are trying to be germaphobes. Due to the overbuying, there are no Clorox wipes or disinfectants in any store. I have been using those wipes for the last two years because of my germaphobia and have not been able to find them since this pandemic started. I searched in multiple stores to try and find any I can, but to no avail. 

I also have to laugh at the people who are wiping every piece of food and counter in their house, because you are wasting your wipes and disinfectants. Once you use up your supply, you won’t find any at the store to restock on. It is insane to wipe a steering wheel or doorknob if you are going to have to touch it again, putting more germs back onto it. Thus, instead of wasting wipes, you should be focusing on not touching your face. 

I typically use one hand to do certain tasks. I will use my right hand only to close my curtains, pick up dirty clothes, clean the floor or do any other task I know is exposing myself to germs. After I finish what I am doing, I wash my hands and make sure not to touch my face while my right hand is contaminated. This method saves me from having to use my small supply of disinfectant wipes and contains the germs to one hand instead of two which allows me to touch things without having to clean them. 

While we should be taking precautions, we shouldn’t let it control our lives. This quarantine is an opportunity for some of us to rest and relax, so people shouldn’t be spending all their time worrying about when it is going to end. Keep taking the precautions that you are, but be smarter about your actions because they have consequences and affect other people’s lives as well.

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