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The town entrance is subtle and undefined. Most people wouldn’t know where the nearby city of Manchester ends and where the town of Bedford, New Hampshire begins. 

My family is not like most people. We’ve been traveling to Bedford since before I was born. We often joke that we could make the 6-hour drive from our hometown blindfolded.

For me, the clearest way to tell where Bedford begins is the subtle change in energy. Everything seems a little bit brighter on this side of the town line. More drivers give you the right of way, and people wave when you drive by. 

We visit Bedford to see family, but the sleepy suburb has restaurants, a gorgeous atmosphere and natural attractions for any all-American traveler. 

If you’re visiting Bedford, be sure to stop by 1750 Taphouse. They make the best pancakes in New Hampshire, although they’re also great for dinner. I can recall several fond memories of enjoying a classic cheeseburger and fries in their familiar oak chairs and leather booths. Beware of the huge wooden doors that denote the entrance though; more than a few family members have nearly lost a finger to that monstrous contraption. 

Besides the 1750 Taphouse, we always buy bagels from a local haunt called the  Bagel Café. Although New Hampshire is hardly known for its bagels, this small shop always provides a great breakfast. I love the egg bagels, while my cousin prefers to slather a french toast bagel in peanut butter. We can always rely on the Bagel Café for a quick breakfast, and I would encourage any visitors to grab a bite there while in town. 

If you have a hankering for something sweet, The Inside Scoop is the perfect place. This small café embraces the ambiance of old-school ice cream shops with chalkboard signs and red tin “Coca Cola” brand décor. The polite staff and owner work hard to cultivate this image. 

Beyond food, Bedford also offers a gorgeous atmosphere. During the summer, this lazy suburb is impossibly green, home to bright fauna and sprawling hills. I can recall enjoying coffee or tea outside while gazing at the lively collection of trees, bushes and ivy. 

In the winter, this area morphs into a wonderland. New Hampshire is much farther north than New Jersey so the area receives more snowfall every year. Dozens of hills make the perfect setting for sledding, and there is a snowman on every other lawn. 

Bedford also offers plenty of natural attractions. 

The town is crisscrossed with numerous hiking paths. Places like Joe English Reservation, Goffstown Rail Trail and the Educational Farm at Joppa Hill offer dozens of easy and challenging trails. 

Places like Pine Island Park are the perfect place to take in Bedford’s beautiful scenery. The open field is framed with trees, making it seem like its own little world.

Even though Bedford is far inland, places like Windham Town Beach, only 25 minutes away, and Mascuppic Lake, only 30 minutes away, still provide the opportunity for a beach trip. 

Bedford may not be a well-known tourist destination, but this little suburb has plenty to offer if you know where to look. I would encourage anyone and everyone to visit. 

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