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Library Announces Winners of Contest

By Felipe Marroquin
Staff Writer

The College’s Visual, Performing and Media Arts (VPMA) department, Student Life and the library announced the fall photo contest winners on Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. in the lower level of the library.

Library director Marilyn N. Ochoa announced the honorable mentions and then the contest winners.

Matthew Cassisi’s “Last Lunch” photograph came in first place, which earned him a new camera.

Cassisi said, “Everyone in this photo took art fundamentals three-dimension last semester. At the start of the course, nobody knew each other, but through every project and through all the months that passed, we slowly bonded. On the last day, we decided to celebrate by having food. I like the Renaissance, so I said, ‘Hey, let’s recreate the last supper.’”

Cassisi said that this prize will enhance his photography skills and that he intends to expand his artistic knowledge.

Ochoa said, “We had the competition open from Oct. 1 to Nov. 5, and we are glad that 33 completed entries are all represented here and available for everyone to see.”

The second-place photograph was Samantha Cheng’s “Men’s Soccer Team.” Third place was Yonaira Ferreiro’s “Manager at George Street Camera.”

Honorable mentions included Justine Enriquez’s “Coming Home” and Elissa Dalerta’s “Taking Care of Nature.”

Ochoa said that the fan-favorite photograph was Roi Saint-Vil’s “Even SMALL Things Have BIG Impact.”

“We opened this up to the MCC community, and we are excited that nearly 200 people voted,” said Ochoa.

Cheng, said, “I am happy with being the second-place winner. I didn’t think I would place so high in the contest. I don’t mind not being in first, because the prize is the same camera as mine. I am happy that I am being recognized for my work.”

Ochoa said the photos will be kept up in the library until March 15.


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