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Kingdom Hearts Returns

By Alexander Salazar, 
 Staff Writer 

Kingdom Hearts III, which had released on Jan. 25, 2019, is an action role-playing game by Square Enix that was made for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. It is the twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, which has spanned over two decades. This game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed PS2 exclusive Kingdom Hearts II and is the closing chapter to the Dark Seeker saga within the storyline. Fans have been awaiting this game since Kingdom Hearts II came out in 2005, which was the last game in the chronological series to be made until spin offs were made to ensure fans excitement 14 years later. Kingdom Hearts III surprised many new and veteran fans of the series.

The game brings a triumphant return of the lovable trio of Sora, Donald and Goofy. At the start of the game, their quest is to regain Sora’s lost power back in order to stop the antagonist Xehanort in starting a key blade war. The series has a short sequence of recap movies to look on for new fans to see and catch up on the story of Kingdom Hearts III before they start playing it. Yoko Shimomura has been composing music for the series since the start of the franchise. The music and graphics have improved, and with new and old remixes together into this game, it brings back memories for old fans and creates new ones for people who just picked up the game.

The combat system and camera angles have also improved from the stiff and panning angles that plagued old renditions of the franchise. The combat system now includes links that summon Disney creatures in order to help aid Sora in his battle against the heartless and nobodies. They are the first common enemies you’ll face in the beginning of the game. There is also a new introduction of mini-games which are fun to play. They feature cooking, interacting with objects to perform special moves and taking pictures of Mickey Mouse logos to unlock prizes.

Many worlds have been made by the Square Enix team which include Mount Olympus, Frozen, Tangled and other worlds that can be travelled to via Gummi Ship. The game includes many secret Easter eggs, bosses, and a secret ending to acquire in order to see what the game has to fully offer you. You’ll have to first beat the main game, then go back and search for many hidden chests, bosses and revisit worlds. With the new abilities gained throughout the journey, you can unlock a lot more.

The Kingdom Hearts series never seems to disappoint its veteran fans or newcomers to the series. It brings a new light to what a role-playing game should be in terms of the new year. Fans will be, once again, excited to step into the shoes of Sora and see that the conclusion to this saga is wonderful. With over 30+ hours of gameplay and side-quests to complete in order to fully take in the game, Kingdom Hearts III is the epitome of what the series has to offer. It does an outstanding job for what a niche series it was back when it originally released in 2002. It has come a long way and does a service to the many fans that have been waiting.

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