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Kappa Pi Celebrates Students’ Artwork

By Madison Bara

Section Editor 

Kappa Pi Honor Society is hosting a pop-up exhibition in the Studio Theater Gallery from March 2 – 6 to showcase the society members’ artwork. 

Susan Altman, faculty advisor for Kappa Pi Honor Society, said this exhibition is the only one on campus that is run by students. 

“The students decide the title of the exhibit, what work is going to be in it and they even hang up the work,” said Altman. 

Altman said only Kappa Pi members can participate in the exhibition. 

“The Kappa Pi Pop-Up Exhibition is just for members of the society because their induction ceremony is on March 2 followed by a reception in the Studio Theater Gallery where their work will be displayed,” said Altman. 

Altman said the exhibition showcases artwork from all areas of the department, including paintings, animations, drawings, graphic designs and photographs. 

“Media arts, graphic design, photography, gaming and animation, and fine arts are all a part of the honor society,” said Altman.

She said following this exhibition is a Media Arts Students Exhibition on April 20 and a Visual Arts Student Exhibition on March 30, which are open to all students taking visual or media arts.  

“The Visual Arts and Media Arts Student Exhibitions are run by the faculty so they ask students for their [work] and choose which ones will be displayed,” said Altman. 

 She said she hopes students will come to the opening of these exhibitions to see their fellow students’ work and participate in the celebration. 

“I hope students will [appreciate] the great artwork that their fellow students are doing and that everyone has a chance to experience viewing artwork on campus,” said Altman. 

For more information contact Susan Altman at or visit her office in Edison Hall room 163.

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