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Head Coach Sherif Reflects on Season

By Matthew Thornton
Staff Writer

According to, the Blue Colts men’s soccer team finished this season with a 9-9-1 record and made it to the semi-finals where they lost 1-0 at an away game in overtime to Sussex County College.

The Blue Colts had an up-and-down start to the regular season and lacked consistency early on. Over the course of the season, the players learned each other’s strengths and started to play as a team.

Coach Zizo Sherif said, “As the season progressed, we started to gel and play together. Our communication helped our defense tremendously and our overall play on the pitch.”

Toward the middle of the season, the Blue Colts went on multiple win streaks, showing just how talented they are. Their biggest accomplishment, besides making the playoffs, was defeating Union County College in an away game 2-1. This was the first time the Blue Colts beat Union in over 20 years. Just before losing in the second round, the Blue Colts had won three games in a row.

Sherif said, “I feel that our season was successful. We beat Union and made it to the second round of the playoffs with a brand-new athletic director.”

Sheriff also said, “The MVP of our team was the athletic director. I believe in his vision he has for the team and gives me everything a coach can ask for. With the talent we have coming back next year, the coaching staff and the new director, I expect to at least be top four in the league next year. We play with heart and passion, and I expect great things from our club in the near future. We just have to work on closing games.”

Sherif said that in some matches, the team struggled to get a game-sealing goal in key moments but is working on finding a closer for the team in the future.

Sherif was quick to mention the captain of the team: No. 8, Curtis Adebiyi.

He said, “Curtis is our leader, and he always has my back. Whenever someone does something wrong or can play better, Curtis will step up, get them in check and get the job done.”

Sherif said that he and the Blue Colts are pleased but are still striving to become a better club and are excited to get back to the pitch next year.

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