Hello Capricorn! Lately, you have not been feeling like yourself, and you have really been a scrooge. Take some time off to figure out what is going on, and give yourself some time to start feeling better!


You have been stressed out lately, Aquarius, and you have not been in the holiday spirit because of it. Remember to take a step back and celebrate what is truly important. You will be glad you did!   


You have been slacking with your schoolwork now that the semester is winding down, Pisces. I know you feel unmotivated with the holidays right around the corner, but remember to finish strong!


You haven’t been very excited to start to celebrate the holiday season, Aries. Now that it is acceptable, make sure you get a head start on hanging that mistletoe and decorating the tree. Happy holidays!


You have the desire to work hard and rely on your strengths to the end, Taurus. So be ready and pay attention to the details, especially in the morning. Whatever you do could give you good financial support. Maybe try something new in the process to surprise yourself and others. 


You, Geminis, are quite fun friends to have. Thanks to the nature of the sign, you can make a typical coffee date intriguing and entertaining. You treat your friends as though they are the only people who matter to you no matter what you’re doing.


If you’re job hunting this week, Cancers, be on the lookout for jobs with flexible hours. The strict office work order doesn’t suit you, and you tend to do your best work on your own time. Given how you love to work hard and do a job well, these characteristics will help you find your dream career.


Did you know what it means to have your Moon fall under, Leo? One aspect for those who fit this category is they tend to organize often and feel a need to control their families and friends. It’s due to an inner desire to set things right and be aware of what’s happening in their inner circles.


Did you know what it means for you, Virgos, in terms of your sign’s ascendant? When this zodiac is your rising sign, your personality displays an intelligent and reserved manner. In addition, you tend to worry an awful lot about matters, especially when you’re facing new circumstances. 


Don’t be fearful about love this week, Libras. People of this zodiac tend to restrain themselves regarding love because doing so will mean losing a part of themselves. However, just talk to your partner to reach an understanding that you may need space to explore yourself.


Need to reconnect with your spirituality this week, Scorpios? One way is to try using crystals called citrine. They benefit you by calming you and encouraging you to view potential answers to issues you are facing. 


Today is a nice time to take care of yourself, Sagittarius, especially if it's breakfast. Don't miss the opportunity to get a cup of coffee or a pastry. Maybe cook up a delicious healthy meal today. Be completely present in preparing and eating the meal you make. Be grateful for the peace and satisfy your desire to learn. 

Hi! My name is Jared Almanzor. I’m a part of the Middlesex College Newspaper called the Quo Vadis. I’m a Managing Editor, a Section Editor, and a Staff Writer. I primarily write reviews on different interests I like but I like to dabble now and again.

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