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Free Community College in New Jersey Should Happen

By Jamal Kingston
Opinion Editor

I usually don’t agree with the belief of free things, as I usually believe that there is no such thing as a free lunch; I have had that ideology with me for years now. However, over the past couple of months I have come to the realization that federal or state-funded community college would be a good and masterful idea in America’s colleges, like our own Gov. Phil Murphy has campaigned for. It has been previously proposed in the past few years, federally, and in some states, it has been passed and signed into official law. Some people support the position, and some people oppose the position.

First, free community college would work because, number one, it would give a relief to the parents and students who have to fork the tuition bill every semester. Some college tuitions are as expensive as gold, and it takes a large sacrifice for families, especially working-class families. Making sure that community college is free and affordable for all New Jerseyans would be a good start for a state that is losing college graduates to other states like Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. If free community college were to be fully passed by the New Jersey Legislature and implemented into law, I think that there would be a relief in families’ economic wallets.

Secondly, America needs a more educated workforce in the 21st century. America will be heading into the third decade of the 21st century soon, the 2020s. America needs more doctors, plumbers, lawyers, and businessmen. A free community college degree would make sure that more graduates can get a well-paying job in a field that they majored in. America’s employers and college graduates should make sure that they are ready to enter the workforce in an efficient and affordable way.
In conclusion, free community college is one of the first steps that would give more Americans an opportunity of receiving a higher education. If you want to attend, it should be free.

Obviously, free community college would be paid for by New Jersey taxpayers, and taxpayers may not want to pay for other peoples’ free college when the state of New Jersey is already facing budget and economic challenges, but it would provide opportunities for those who want to have a better economic life in the 21st century.
Free community college would be a good step. We’ll see if it becomes reality.

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