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Feminist Collective Prepares For Virtual Events

By Gabrielle Ignotis, Editor-in-Chief

The MCC Feminist Collective is planning remote activities for the fall semester in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

The collective’s faculty advisor, Denise Rompilla, said that the club is planning to hold remote meetings in the fall. 

Rompilla said the club would also be hosting a digital event, in partnership with the MCC library, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. 

“We will be discussing prominent women who fought for our right to vote over the last 100 years, particularly looking at the contributions of women of color,” Rompilla said. 

The collective’s president, Srija Chatterjee, said that she was especially excited for this event. 

“But we are also looking into hosting virtual meetings and possible virtual screenings for movies and documentaries, as we were unable to hold said events due to COVID,” Chatterjee said. 

Rompilla said that the club was also hoping to host a forum on women’s issues and the upcoming election. 

The club has also been working with MCC’s basic needs coordinator, Amanda Lyons, to connect students affected by the coronavirus with support networks to secure food, housing, and grant money, Chatterjee said. 

“After all, women’s rights are human rights and vice versa,” Chatterjee said. 

The MCC Feminist Collective also plans to compile a journal featuring art, poems and memoirs from members, titled “F-Space,” Rompilla and Chatterjee said. 

Chatterjee said that the club was looking for new members. 

“For any prospective students, I would say that, of course, the MCC Feminist Collective is open to everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. In fact, you do not have to self-identify as a ‘feminist’ if you are interested in joining the club,” Chatterjee said. 

The MCC Feminist Collective is also looking for students interested in leadership roles, Chatterjee said. 

“No prior experience is necessary at all. We are just looking for motivated, interested participants,” Chatterjee said. 

Students interested in joining the MCC Feminist Collective are encouraged to contact Rompilla at or Chatterjee at

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