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Fall 2020 Semester Moves to Remote Virtual Curriculum

By Gabrielle Ignotis, Editor-In-Chief


Middlesex County College has altered its fall 2020 schedule to reduce on-campus interactions and mitigate exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic within the campus. 

Students were informed that this new schedule will include three different potential class formats: online, remote or hybrid, over the summer via email.

MCC President Mark McCormick said, “Our faculty and academic administration have put a lot of time into deciding what would be the best way to deliver every course with an eye on keeping everyone healthy and safe. I believe our plans for the fall will do that.” 

According to the same email, online courses will consist of course material and assignments distributed via Canvas. 

There are no required weekly meeting times and students can complete work at any given time before the assigned deadline, according to the email.

Ronald Contard, MCC student, said that he did not even notice a difference in his schedule because he often takes online courses anyway. 

“My class schedule is still the same [as] it would’ve been,” he said. 

According to this email, remote learning will consist of online lectures once or twice a week, which will primarily be conducted via Zoom.

Clara Melvin, MCC student, said, “I plan on doing everything pretty much the same as when we went remote last semester … However, I’m personally struggling with finding a space for my lectures. I live at home with three other siblings, all of whom will be remote learning as well, and there aren’t too many spaces where we can each work.” 

Students may need to complete additional online assignments outside of assigned class times, according to the email. 

Hybrid courses will consist of 50% on-campus instruction and 50% remote or online instruction, according to the same email. 

According to this email, “All on-campus instruction will adhere to strict health and safety protocols in compliance with state and local guidance.” 

Melvin said, “All of my classes are virtual, [but] I’m not too mad about it. I believe that not being on campus is the safest option.” 

Students who have questions about the fall 2020 schedule are encouraged to contact 

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