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“Fahrenheit 11/9” Does Not Disappoint

By Malcolm Rambert
Staff Writer

Since Nov. 8, 2016, I’ve been thinking about what our country represents and how it works. Like every other left-leaning individual, I assumed that the U.S. would be so repulsed by Donald Trump that they vote against him. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of political podcasts that report on what goes on in this country. I would not say I have become politically active, but I have become more politically aware.

This is where Michael Moore’s new documentary, “Fahrenheit 11/9,” comes in. This is my first time seeing one of his documentaries. His past films have covered topics like gun control, capitalism, and our health care system.

In this new documentary, he goes into Donald Trump being elected as our president and how we got here. It brilliantly goes into how the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have utterly failed at meeting the needs of large group of Americans; Donald Trump was seen as the anti-establishment type.

Other topics discussed in the film include: the water crisis going on in Flint, Mich.;  younger people running for office; and a number of strikes covering a variety of issues. If you’ve been politically active as of late, these topics may be familiar to you, but it is worth checking out based on how much detail Moore goes into. The part on Flint is especially eye-opening for those who only saw it as a single news item on their social media feed. If you cannot catch it in theaters, make sure to see it when you can.  I would highly recommend it.

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