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MCC Students Volunteer on Thanksgiving

By Alexander Salazar
Staff Writer

Members of Democracy House and Volunteers in Action volunteered to help serve food and donate coats from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

on Thanksgiving Day at the Presbyterian Church ofNew Brunswick.

Volunteers from Rutgers University, Berkeley College and the Church of God New Life,

a youth group that is a part of the Presbyterian church, were also present.

Over 100 people in need of coats and hot meals were welcomed into the church for the event.

Rev. Bodnar said, “What we wanted to strive towards is to give back to the community.

The coats are donated by Burlington Coat Factory. For every coat bought by a customer, they

trade in their old one, and get 10 percent off the coat that they are buying. All of the coats today

are only a week’s worth of the coats donated, and this will continue until January.”

The church will hold its seasonal toy drive on Dec. 22. They are expecting over 300 kids

to attend. Appearances from the Somerset Patriots’ mascot, Sparkee the Dog, and Santa Claus are scheduled for the event.

Democracy House president Leslie Del-Salto attended the event and helped distribute food and greet guests.

Del-Salto said, “We as well talked to the priest here, and they do have lots of events going on in the beginning and ending of the month every Saturday; we hope to collaborate in those dates.

We are always welcome to open our doors to new volunteers and create more events as well here and around campus to help out the community.”

For more information about Democracy or Volunteers in Action, contact

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