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Cornucopia Cruises Provide Affordable Luxury

By Julia Block

As I was trying to come up with date ideas to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday, I came across the Cornucopia Cruise Line: a public and private cruise line which offers brunch, lunch and dinner cruises, as well as cruises for special events.

Some of these events include banquets, holiday cruises and their foremost occasion, wedding cruises. 

The cruise line has five boats that sail out of Perth Amboy or Hoboken, depending on the boat, and one that is moored in Perth Amboy. 

I decided to take my boyfriend on a public brunch cruise from noon to 2:30 p.m. out of Perth Amboy on Sunday, Sept. 29, on the ship called the “Cornucopia Princess.”

I was able to purchase two tickets online in advance, one for each of us, for $132.77. The tickets were $58.94 per person, with each having an additional $8.99 administrative fee.

Sometimes tickets can be purchased for a cheaper price by using Groupon. The website often has deals that can get you tickets, out of Perth Amboy or Hoboken, at a discounted value. 

The cost of the trip covered an outstanding array of breakfast and lunch foods in the form of a buffet, dessert, and a DJ who played music throughout the cruise. 

Certain beverages, especially alcoholic ones, are available while on the cruises for an extra cost. 

Some breakfast options included bacon, bagels with cream cheese, butter or smoked salmon, fruits and an omelet station.

For lunch, there was chicken francese, cooked salmon, pasta, rice, and other delicious selections for everyone to enjoy. 

For dessert, I had cheesecake, and my boyfriend had of chocolate cake. They also offered cookies, brownies, and other smaller desserts at the buffet. 

Overall, all the food options were delectable. 

The DJ played songs quietly during meal time to be sure not to interrupt conversations between guests, but turned up the volume afterward to give people the opportunity to dance and have fun. He also played line-dances to get more people on their feet, coaxing them to the dance floor. 

The cruises can be very relaxing by staying outside while taking in the views of the water, but also provide the option to party on the dance floor for some fun. These alternatives make it easy for the cruises to be enjoyable for anyone and everyone, regardless of their preferences and intentions.  

The staff on the boat was also very attentive at making sure their guests had beverage refills and that they were getting adequate service while sailing.

For instance, while my boyfriend and I were outside taking in the views, an employee came to us offering more desserts for us to have outside the dining room. This wasn’t a huge gesture, but little actions don’t go unnoticed, as they truly add to the comfortable atmosphere of the cruises. 

Views from the top deck of the boat make the trip worth it in itself. 

The cruise out of Perth Amboy takes you all around the Raritan Bay, and the cruise out of Hoboken takes you out on the Hudson River, both with delightful sights to see.

I would highly recommend taking a cruise with the Cornucopia Cruise Line for anyone looking for some fun in New Jersey, or who simply wants a short break from reality with some tasty food, fun, and captivating sights to see. 

It honestly felt like I went on a vacation away for a few hours. 

Book your cruise with Cornucopia Cruise Line at, and be sure to check Groupon for any reduced pricing available.

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