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The Middlesex College Athletics Department launches archives of the ColtsTV live streaming service of the Middlesex College games starting this semester with Women’s Volleyball Team’s home games.

This will be in addition to the live streaming services that are already available since this summer. 

Viewers can access the live or archived games at

Assistant athletic director Carey Monkowski said, “The volleyball home games that were recorded in the past month are now available to view on the website.”

Monkowski said students could scroll down on the website and select the on-demand section to view the previously held games. 

She said as more games are uploaded from other sports, students will be able to use section categories to search by sport and search for more specific games. 

Monkowski said the department’s next goal is to record both indoor and outdoor games. 

“We are also currently working on getting a way to record the soccer games,” Monkowski said. 

Middlesex College student Xavier Enriquez said, “Being able to stream and watch previous games is a great feature, and I can’t say other schools have that. So that certainly separates Middlesex College from the rest.”

Enriquez said it was convenient for him because he doesn’t have a car to come to campus. 

Middlesex College student Leah Ramsey, said that the feature was a great addition to the website and should be more advertised during the day of the games. 

Monkowski said when basketball and wrestling start up again, students will be able to view those games through the streaming services. 

Middlesex College alumnus Jason Lopez said, “I wish features like these existed back when I was at Middlesex College and I hope the students don’t take this for granted.”

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