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Colts Earn 16 Runs Against Bronx

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Cheng

Joshua Chambers (5) reaches to catch the ball.

Sean Joyce (34) as a first baseman

Players celebrate their victory after the game.

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Exercising is Key to a Healthier Semester

By Quo Vadis February 27, 2019

By Chris Place   Managing Editor Throughout the semester, students become stressed between their classes and hectic work schedules. Due to that, extracurricular activities can often be forgotten about because it’s what we’re worried about least. That should not be the case though, as some of those activities can be what gets you through the semester. Exercising is an activity that everyone should make time for, as there’s multiple ways in which exercising can make your semester a...

Goldin’s “Ballad of Sexual Dependency” Captivates Readers

By Quo Vadis December 5, 2018

By Dana Lauria Staff Writer Photographer Nan Goldin’s photography book, “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency” (“Ballad”), is a visual diary of colored photographs taken between 1979 and 1986 of Goldin’s daily life. She had an obsession with documenting everything exactly how it was. She religiously photographed her friends getting high, having sex, in the midst of mental breakdowns, and in the aftermath of domestic violence. According to its inside cover, the collection “chronicles the struggle for intimacy...