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College Hosts Cultural Expo

By Caitlyn David & Jasmine Montes
Staff Writers

MCC hosted a Cultural Expo on Thursday, Nov. 8 from 2-4 p.m. in College Center Cafeteria C.

Many of The College’s cultural clubs were represented at the event, including the African Diaspora Club, overseen by Professor Victor Vega; the Caribbean Connection Club, overseen by Professor David Lipton; the French Club, overseen by Professor Brenda Cavanaugh and students Chiliano Cruz, Kayla Cuji, Quraiz Najmi, Julian Rengifo and Derrell Schenck; the Hindu Club, overseen by Professor Virender Kawal; the Hispanic Club, overseen by the  club’s president, Ariel Buenano; the Muslim Students Association, overseen by students Duha Abu-Eldahab, Abdullah Mohamad, Rimsha Najmi and Rameez Rathore;
the Russian Club, overseen by club’s president, Alexander Lewis.

Saja Meqdad and Asadullah Waheed of the Student Government Association aided in organizing the event.

All of the clubs made short speeches. There were musical performances, which included singing, dancing and instrumental performances. The food served covered a variety of cultures.

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