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Club of the Week

Club of the Week: What is ‘Computer Science Society’?

By Harsh Godhani
Social Media Editor

Computer Science Society, also known as Computer Science Club on campus, will meet this semester every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 p.m. in IRC 108. The club returned after multiple hiatuses due to student’s graduations.
Students in Computer Science Society will be engaging in unique projects that will have no correlations with any of the computer science classes. Students will have to be innovative and work in groups to develop and create websites and applications without any supervision.
Computer Science Society’s goal is to further the education of all students in the field without micromanaging on their work. Students will also gain hands-on experience on how the work environments for Computer Science & Information Technology jobs will be.
There will be many opportunities for students to choose what type of projects they want to focus on and which new languages they want to learn in programming.
Students from Computer Science Society will also be participating in Hackathons and many other computer science competitions. In the past, students from MCC have won various items in Hackathons, ranging from iPads, laptops, Fitbit watches and up to $1,000 in Visa Gift Cards.
This semester, Computer Science Society members are also interested in expanding into new projects, such as creating new inventions with Raspberry Pi.
Member Aulene De is excited about organizing MCC’s first ever competitive programming competition. The competition will test each student’s algorithmic problem-solving ability, knowledge of data structures and implementation skills. The student who solves the most problems under a certain time frame will be the victor.
The club’s staff moderators are Erick Galvez, Kendall Devich, Mark Tarlow and Harsh Godhani. Students can contact the club moderators through the club email at, or contact President Harsh Godhani at

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