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CBD Helps Relieve Anxiety

By Luke Lombardi, Section Editor

I’m struggling with anxiety. Needless to say,  I have been dealing with my whole life. It is common  for me. For example, I am driving or simply sitting on  my bed doing nothing, and all of a Sutton feeling paranoid about life and and challenges it brings. For almost two years, my friends and family tried  to convince me to start taking CBD. I knew it would help me, I was very nervous about taking it. I was feeling nostalgic about the past, I have strayed away from taking medicine that I didn’t need. I have had fights with my mom about this countless times and always came out the winner.

Consequently, I slowly became  more open to trying it. I have medical professionals in my family and even they were advocating for me to try it.  I was starting to become willing to try and help myself. I had to convince myself that it was the right thing to do. All of my life, I have had an issue doing something that I knew will help me. I tend to make everything worse than it needs to when in reality, just doing whatever I need to is easiest.

For Christmas, my mom bought me a bottle of CBD. At first, I was shocked. I’m a little upset. She had done this without notifying  me and I felt that she knew I didn’t want to take it. For the next month, she badgered me to try it and told me if I didn’t, she would return it since it was expensive. This guilt trip eventually worked and I began to take the pill.

I could tell it was helping. My biggest issue with anxiety was when I was driving. I had confidence in my ability to drive. However, I  was always afraid of others on the road. The CBD pill helped get rid of that. I am no longer scared and am more subdued. This helped me tremendously as I no longer dread doing things. Especially, in school or at home. I am much calmer and don’t start stressing out  about whatever is going on in my life.

Constantly, my family tells me, I worry too much. Prior to the CBD, I would run  every outcome to an issue in my head. I would convince myself that the worst possible outcome was going to happen and there was nothing I could do. As I took  CBD more and more, this has happened less often . I am content living my life and not stressed out about every single detail that has no meaning or influence on my big goals.

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