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Middlesex County College Participates in the Region XIX Tournament

By Quo Vadis March 10, 2020

Middlesex County College participated in the Region XIX tournament from the dates of Feb. 22-29 with games played at Middlesex, Essex and Northampton where they lost in the semi-finals. The first game of the tournament was against Delaware County at home where they won with a score of 79-63. Middlesex came close to falling behind late in the second half but stuck it out for the win. The second game of the tournament took place at Essex...

Meet the Athlete: Mike Russo

By Chris Place April 24, 2019

By Chris Place, Staff Writer Mike Russo is second baseman for the baseball team at The College. Russo has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old. Russo said because of his family’s history with the sport, he was destined to play. “I was born into the sport. Everyone in my family has played in their lifetime, even my mother,” he said. Russo looks to model his game after some of the best players in the MLB....

MCC Loses to Brookdale 14-4

By Samantha Cheng April 24, 2019

Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng Jonathan Torres (6) on the mound Bryan Fernandez (7) stands on second base. Tyler Sharfetz (left) talks with Assistant Coach Brian Weins (right) on first base. William Lonergan (32) pitched after Jonathan Torres. Head Coach Christopher Mooney (left) talks to Jonathan Torres (middle) and Tyler Sharfetz (right) on the mound. Nick Michael (2) reaches to catch the ball. Nick Clemente (21) looks for where to throw the ball. Chris Giordano (26) with...

Assistant Athletics Director Discusses Working for MCC

By quovadis April 24, 2019

Genesis Torres, Staff Writer Inspired by the love of sports medicine, Robert Edmonds, assistant director of athletics and athletic trainer, said he attended East Stroudsburg State College on a track scholarship. Edmonds said that his main priority as an athletic trainer is working with the athletes and getting them back out to do what they enjoy doing. It takes a lot of work ethic to become a personal trainer, Edmonds said. He said, “You have to do it...

Colts Sweep Raritan Valley

By Samantha Cheng April 24, 2019

Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng Mike Russo (left) gives his teammates high fives. Colts won the first game 6-0 and the second game 5-3. Alex LaMattina (16) catches a ball from a pitch. Chris Giordano (26) throws the ball. Alex LaMattina (16) looks up after swinging the bat. Head Coach Christopher Mooney (left) and Nick Michael (right) give each other a high five at third base. James Tyminski (24) catches the ball at first base. Bryan Fernandez...

MCC Wins 9-3 Against Ocean

By Samantha Cheng April 24, 2019

Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng Mike Izzo (left) gives his teammate a brofist. Mike Russo (middle left) and Josh Hernandez (middle right) celebrate after a successful inning. Josh Hernandez (30) waves after getting on second base. Nick Clemente (21) pitched for six innings. From left to right: Angel Cora, Jonathan Torres, Dylan Schelmety, Devin Schelmety, Chris Giordano, Nick Michael and Pether Minier

Athletic Director Looks Forward to the Future

By quovadis April 24, 2019

By Genesis Torres, Staff Writer Athletic director Derrick Johnson has managed to accomplish great depths throughout the athletics program in a matter of months, as he works into converting MCC into a winning mindset. “The hope is to grow the program and to make it better, as we eventually add additional sports and create student access. I think one of the main priorities is to make sure that our transferring-graduation rates are increasing more than they were,”...

MCC Men’s Basketball Season Ends Strongly

By quovadis April 10, 2019

By Genesis Torres, Staff Writer   The College’s men’s basketball team finalized their season with a record of 27-7. Beginning Nov. 3, 2018, the Colts sky-rocketed their season on their home court against Carolina Christian College with a final score of 96-80. Freshman guard Letrell West made a statement from the beginning, as he averaged 33 points. The Colts managed a five-game winning streak until they received their first loss against Brookdale Community College, with a final...

Blue Colts Defeat Monroe College in Doubleheader

By Samantha Cheng April 10, 2019

Team Earns 21 Runs in Game 1 and 28 Runs in Game 2 Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng   Tyler Sharfetz (41) smiles as he runs towards first base. Teammates celebrate after Josh Hernandez (30) hits a home run. Devin Schelmety (14) throws the ball back to the pitcher. Bryan Camelo (18) pitched for five innings in game 2. Alex LaMattina (16) at bat Dylan Schelmety (44) shuffles towards third base.

Colts Sweep Monroe College’s JV Baseball Team

By Samantha Cheng April 8, 2019

Box Scores Courtesy of Game 1 Game 2 Photos Courtesy of Samantha Cheng Samuel Abreu (12) slides towards home plate. Daniel Gross (23) pitched in the second game for 5 innings. Tyler Sharfetz (41) runs towards first base as his helmet comes off. Pether Minier (28) on the mound.